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Volunteer Committee

Join the WAYHA Volunteer team!

Purpose:  Volunteering for WAYHA is critical to the function of our program.  WAYHA is a volunteer run, non-profit organization.  There are a few ways that WAYHA as an organization earns money.  One of them is charitable gambling, which is managed by a WAYHA employee.  WAYHA also receives revenue through registration fees and volunteer run services (concession stand, tournaments).  This revenue goes directly towards our operating costs.  The more support and revenue we have within our organization, the more we’re able to reinvest in our kids and our program.  We want to keep hockey affordable and offer a high quality program to the members of this community. 

Committee Chair - Cassie Stratton
 Matt Baures
Mike Knudson
Cassie Stratton
Susan Koo
Jenifer LaValla

DIBS Coordinator: Erin Van Beek

For questions about DIBS please email:

Meeting Time: 3rd Monday of the month from 6:30-7:30
Meeting Location: Bud King Ice Arena (or TBA)
Please contact the chair  if you have concerns or items for the committee to discuss.