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Gamesheet App

D9 iPad code: ipad-mnd9dasfrb

In order to access the scheduled games for D9 teams you must enter the iPad code into the Gamesheet app. This has already been done but if someone accidentally logs out, you will need to re-enter the code. For example, home tournaments have their own unique code that is used for tournament play score keeping. After a tournament the iPads will need to be returned to the D9 regular season code. 

Visiting teams from Wisconsin will not be in the system the first time they play in Minnesota. When setting up a exhibition game with a Wisconsin team, if they do not already exist, you will need to add them, including their entire roster. Check in advance of you game with their manager to avoid delays at game time.

Managers will need to have or create a Gamesheet account and enter the invitation code for their team each season to manage their team's roster.  The invitation code is supplied by a D9 representative at the beginning of the season. To enter the invitation code see the video below.


Gamesheet Invitation Code