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Dibs FAQ

What is the WAYHA DIBS Program?

WAYHA members operate the concession stands at the Winona Arena and participate in fundraising events. Concession fundraising revenue benefits all WAYHA members, so everyone is expected to work some hours during the calendar year. 


Why are DIBS hrs required?

To ensure WAYHA registration fees stay low, the members need to help out with some aspects of running the program.  This includes filling required positions during home tournaments and the concession stand during practice and High School Games.  Additionally, to ensure our youth players stay safe, we need locker room attendants / monitors.


What is required of my family for DIBS?

Each family in the Association is required to work a minimum set of DIBS hours per skater. DIBS hours per family will be determined annually and communicated at registration. Families with more than two skaters will have a maximum of double (DIBS hours per skater x 2) required DIBS hours per family.


What opportunities are there for earning DIBSs hours?

DIBs hours have been scheduled in the past for locker room attendants & concessions during practices and concessions during High School games. Also for all duties, clock, book, penalty box, concession, etc for tournaments at Bud King Arena.


What happens if I don’t want to complete the required DIBS hours?

If the minimum DIBS hours, or maximum per family, is not met by March 31st of the current season end, the family will be charged at $20 per hour for unworked DIBS hours. 


What doesn’t qualify for DIBS hours?

DIBS hours are not assigned for home games at the Squirt / 10U – Bantam. The team manager either assigns families or asks for volunteers to clock, book, penalty box, concessions, locker room monitors, etc.  These are considered “Team” responsibilities.


Are there any special requirements / certifications / training needed to complete DIBS hours?

To be a Locker Room Attendant you must be Safesport Certified.  This is free training through USA Hockey.  For information on how to become Safesport Certified, please see our website at for more info. All other opportunities require no advanced training or certification.


How are DIBS hrs tracked?

DIBS hours are tracked through our website here  You must login and claim your DIBS opportunities and then again once complete.