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Parent Resources

Please Remember

These are KIDS!

Coaches are VOLUNTEERS!

Referees are HUMAN!

This is not the NHL!

WAYHA Hockey Operations Manual

Click the link above to review the Winona Area Youth Hockey Associations Hockey Operations Manual.

USA Hockey Parents Resources

Parent Resources - Links & Downloads - US Center for Safe Sport, New Hockey Parents, Player Registration, and Parent Module

Roger Grillo Presents to Winona Area Youth Hockey Association

click the link above for the YouTube video of: USA Hockey Directory of Player Development, Roger Grillo, joins WAYHA to discuss player development, the modern game, hockey parenting as well as answer questions from our association members. Meeting discussion starts at 4 minutes 30 seconds into the recording.

Family Mentor Committee

Information regarding the Family Mentor Committee. Do you have questions? Here's the group you can reach out to.

Hockey 101

Are you new to the sport of Hockey?  Do you have questions about the sport and what the rules are?  What is the equipment that is needed to play the sport safely?  Is this going to be expensive?  Do you know the difference between a Deke and a Crease or a Power Play and a Penalty kill?  In hockey, icing isn't the delicious/decorative toping on your favorite pastry!  MN Hockey has provided an excellent resource to answer these and many other questions you have!  Click the link and tab through all of this Hockey 101 information so you aren't lost come game time.


Other fun & helpful videos

Hockey Explained (Rosters, Positions, Officials, Stadiums, Ice & More!)

Hockey costs HOW MUCH?!!

Walking into a hockey equipment store is inevitably going to cause most all new hockey parents to fall flat on their backs from Sticker Shock!  But it doesn't have to be that way.  Actually this is one of the biggest misconceptions around the sport of hockey.  Hockey in Minnesota is actually very comparable to other activities thanks to our community based model.  There are many budget options to get started in hockey and to stay in hockey for a lifetime ...that won't actually break the bank.

WAYHA can provide all necessary equipment for new and younger players and goalies.  This is a great service to help kids and families fall in love with the sport of hockey.  Contact Ben Gordon - Equipment, Jersey, and Apparel Manager with any questions.

Scholarships for registration fees are also available on a needs based criteria.

How To Dress a Hockey Player

Learn how to dress your new hockey player for safety and success.

Example: 1 

Example: 2

Neck Protection Policy


Okay, your child is registered, they have all of the safety equipment needed to take the ice, you've started to learn the hockey "lingo" and you pretty much understand what exactly Icing is, and why it seems like the Referees are always calling "offsides."  What's next??  Progressing through the hockey season will be a fabulous learning experience.  Each new year brings new challenges and's just a few things to consider as the parent of an incredible hockey dynamo and the expectations you should have as you become more a part of your association.

5 Ways to speak up when you are a concerned parent


SportsEngine Notifications Settings

Watch this short video to better understand using notifications from SportsEngine.

What is SafeSport?

You may have been hearing a lot of talk about "SafeSport."  What is it?

The sport science behind the blue puck

Many parents ask, "Why are the 8U kids using blue pucks and not the black puck?"  

There is actually a scientific reason why - click this link for better understanding.